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Restaurant Patio Fence Ideas In 2023

Are you searching for restaurant patio fence ideas this year? If you are – then you've come to the right place! After all, eating out is one of our passions. That's why we developed the SelectSpace Partitions. It allowed restaurant owners a modern, elegant fence that was easy to set up, modular, and durable enough to last year after year. We've compiled some of our favorites that our customers have sent in to give you ideas for how your restaurant patio fence can look in 2023 and beyond!

AC Hotels, Washington, DC

AC Hotels did a fabulous job of setting up their patio fence. They selected our 5' and 7' circle partition panels and several laser-cut graphic panels to build out the patio of their dreams. They chose, and several of our planters stands. Putting colorful plants into the stands makes the whole fence POP for everyone. In addition, the partition is accented with all-black umbrellas – which SelectSpace offers now.

The Salt Line, Washington, DC

The Salt Line is an Oyster Bar and Ale House in Washington, DC. They were looking for a patio update, and SelectSpace was the answer. They selected our popular Square Weave pattern along with our planter stands. One of the more unique aspects of the Salt Line's patio fence is the striking blue color they selected, which matched their overall branding. That's a significant aspect about SelectSpace that most people don't know about –we can color match your branding, giving you a unique fence setup.

Annapurna, Chicago, IL

Annapurna is a Chicago area restaurant that serves vegetarian snacks, sweets, fresh juice, and more! They were looking for a sidewalk café that would blend into their overall theme and branding – their unique purple had to come through! SelectSpace is delivered with a custom purple end stand; corner stands connected to gray circle partitions, and multiple graphic panels. The new fence, paired with their neon green umbrellas, helped the Annapurna style show through with its partition choice.

We Are Here To Help Bring Your Restaurant Patio Fence Idea To Reality

These are just three restaurant patio fence ideas to get you thinking about how you can bring your indoor dining experience outdoors. We have a full gallery of other photos from hundreds of restaurants. When you are ready, send us a quote – we're excited to chat with you on your new outdoor dining adventure.



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