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500 Sq Foot Restaurant Patio Plans

Designing a new – or updating a 500-sq-foot restaurant patio might be in your plans this year. This size of portable fencing happens to be one of the many sweet spots for the SelectSpace system. The front of most restaurants in a metropolitan area, such as Chicago, where we manufacture our fence products, tends to be a tight fit. You don’t have a ton of real estate to create the patio of your dreams, but you have enough space to fit in additional tables that open up your seating capacity when the weather is nice. Plus, with a SelectSpace portable fence system, you have a definition of space that is now Instagrammable, increasing the views your establishment will get.

How SelectSpace Can Look on 500 Sq Feet

To help visualize what a 500-sq-foot patio could look like, it’s essential to know what those 500 square feet represent. Five hundred square feet will give you approx. 20’ – 25’ in front of your restaurant and then 20’ – 25’ from the SelectSpace Partition to the establishment itself. You determine the square footage by multiplying the length of the sidewalk café and its width or depth of it. So, 20’ – 25’ will range from about 400 square feet to 625 square feet. While that may seem like little space – and we would always encourage you to make the patio as large as possible – even a smaller space can pack many tables for your customer to enjoy alfresco dining. In our example, you will need seven 7’ panels, three 4’ panels, one 5’ panel, four end poles, two corner poles, and seven straight poles.

500 sq foot restaurant patio plan

How Much Space Do 500 Square Feet Look Like

The architectural standard for patrons is 2 square feet per person. Without furniture, you can fit 250 customers into your outdoor space! That’s quite the party space! But that will likely not be happening in most areas. There are many ways you can design your outdoor patio space. In one example, you can add 8 30” x 42” tables that seat 4 and 2 24” x 24” tables that seat 2. That is an additional 42 seats in your inventory. Or you could put in 7 24” X 24” tables. Or 4 30” x 42” tables. Or 36” x 36” tables/ It’s up to you how many tables and customers you want to add to your inventory. And while we don’t offer tables and chairs, we will certainly point you in the right direction if you need a helping hand.

What should I add to my Sidewalk Café Space?

In previous blogs, we’ve covered the essentials for inviting pet owners to your patio, plants, the perfect backdrop, signage and décor, and more! Traveling to the latest tradeshow, such as the HD Expo or the annual NRA show, will give you the best ideas for what to add. A big thing to never forget is umbrellas – shade is vital to al fresco diners. Keeping them comfortable is key. That’s why we offer a full line of ShadowSpec Umbrellas complimenting any patio.

Should I invest in an outdoor patio for my restaurant?

We get a lot of questions from our potential customers on if it makes sense to add a patio to their establishment. While we can’t answer that, we can certainly point you toward multiple resources. According to the National Restaurant Association, 35% of restaurant operators say outdoor dining represents more than 40% of their daily sales. And 15% of operators say it means more than 70% of their daily sales! When you think in those terms, that is potentially a staggering number and should give you an idea of whether your restaurant should consider upgrading to an outdoor patio.

Avg percentage table

Why Should I Invest in a Modular Partition System Like SelectSpace For My 500 sq Foot Patio?

The beauty of a SelectSpace Partition system is more than just how good the fence looks – and when compared to other options, you can tell the high quality, premium feels that SelectSpace offers. But the fact that it is modular – you can move it around to create different looks for your area! You are no longer limited to a permanent structure. The system allows you to adapt to the situation when it is required. Remember earlier when we discussed 250 people on the patio? Instead, you can reconfigure SelectSpace to create a VIP section with some cocktail tables while keeping your regular ones separate. No other system on the market gives you the flexibility to adjust to your needs. And because our system is DIY, you won’t need to hire costly contractors to adapt your outdoor space. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on your new portable partition system.


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