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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Restaurant Owners in 2023

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Crazy to think about huh…considering the holidays just ended! And according to, V Day is the 2nd busiest day for restaurants! This year, we believe it could vie for # 1 as last year, many guests were still not comfortable eating inside. Do you need some ideas for what your establishment can do for Valentine’s Day in 2023? We scoured the internet and found some great ideas you can use. Let’s look at five of our favorite Valentine’s Day ideas for restaurant owners in 2023!

Toast has a great article online that outlines 10 ideas your guest will love this Valentine’s Day. Our personal favorite is offering cooking classes. I know you may be thinking that you’ll be giving away all your secrets…but trust me – you won’t! In fact, it will just solidify how great your food is and how much they want to go back for more delectable goods in a fantastic space!

Go Fancy…or go home: According to Upserve, lobster and steak dishes soar on Valentine’s Day! And desserts are 50% more likely to be ordered on the holiday than any other day of the year. If that’s too fancy for you…then get creative! Heart-shaped foods such as pizza are great. And anything you can add a splash of red and pink to will make your dish feel more Valentine-y!

Check Out Pinterest: Pinterest is a great way to scour the internet for some good ideas for what to do at your restaurant. From DIY table décor to even more heart-shaped food ideas, sometimes seeing the various possibilities will get your team thinking of some great ideas to implement. We like using those heart-shaped candies in candle holders. It will give your tables a splash of holiday colors.

Take Care of Your To-Go-ers: Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday in 2023, some of your patrons may opt for take-out. But just because they won’t get to enjoy all the thoughtfulness and decorations in your establishment doesn’t mean they should go home empty-handed! ChowNow suggests getting creative with those to-go containers – from simple bows to Valentine’s specific packaging!

The Step and Repeat Wall: Often, couples go all out for V-Day and even dress up to the nines! What better way to show them off than with a Step and Repeat Wall?! Lay out a red carpet, get yourself a nice backdrop and encourage your patrons to take their photos on the carpet and share to social media – tagging your restaurant. Maybe make a contest out of it for a gift card? The possibilities are endless!

*BONUS* The Great Outdoors: If you live in a climate where you can eat outside in February (which we are jealous of being a Chicago-based company), having an outdoor dining experience is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Think sidewalk café in Paris. Or muted lighting mixed in with the moonlight. Eating outdoors is the ultimate in romance. You’ll want to make sure to have ample outdoor plants, candles, and ambiance to enjoy. And we would be remiss if we didn’t plug our portable partitions here to amplify that romantic experience.

Whatever you decide to treat your guests during Valentine’s Day, we hope you can enjoy it. It’s a stressful day – from all the planning to an immense number of reservations and more. But just remember a couple in love – new or old. To them, this is a special day that they can remember the experience of your restaurant for years to come.

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